Things to do

Things to do on Curaçao?

Little Curaçao

Little Curaçao is a small uninhabited island belonging to Curaçao. There are daily boat trips to Little Curaçao. Check out the boat trips here to enjoy a delightful day on Little Curaçao, approved by CityTour Willemstad!


Quad riding is one of the things you must do on the island. It’s a fantastic day out and a way to explore the island in an adventurous manner. We’ve listed the best options for you!


When you’re in Curaçao, you can’t really leave the island without first diving into the beautiful waters that surround it. Coral reefs, turtles, and so much more await you in the crystal-clear waters. Check out the possibilities!

On the water

There’s plenty to do on the water itself as well. Boating, jet skiing, riding a banana boat, or canoeing, it’s all possible. CityTour Willemstad has everything listed for you.

Hotels, Spa & Wellness

Curaçao is a country where tourism plays a significant role economically. This also means that there’s an abundance of hotels, B&Bs, and other accommodation options.

During your vacation, you might also want to relax for a day at a wellness center or a spa, and you won’t have to look far for these either because there’s plenty of options available!


Curaçao’s beaches, one word = amazing! Each beach is more beautiful than the next. On Curaçao, there are several companies established here that offer refreshments and possibly sunbeds. Check out the options here!

Food, Drinks & Events

The hospitality and events on Curaçao are worth writing home about, there’s so much to choose from! Maybe even too much, that’s why we’re one step ahead of you. We’ve gathered the best of the best on one page.

Car rental

To explore the island, you’ll need a means of transportation. There are plenty of options, but which company is the best choice for you? Take your time and check out the options here!


When you’re on vacation, you might want to have a nice evening out, and there are various ways to do that. One of the options is to visit the casino, which is an outing in itself here. Check out where you want to spend your evening.